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The TE-4000F electronic cash register is ideal for use in a catering setting. With a high-speed thermal printer, "drop in" paper loading system and pre-defined text keys, it will make your workload much lighter. The optional Arcnet connection means you can create a network of cash registers. The wide range of functions offered by the TE-4000F can also be expanded with a bar code hand scanner, external invoicing, dot matrix or thermal printer, drawer and splash protection cover as required.

User display with background illumination

The TE-4000F gives you an overview. Its large multi-line LCD user display can be adjusted to suit its surroundings, and you can choose from multi-coloured background illumination. You can also change the display contrast and the tilt angle of the user display to suit your needs. The TE-4000F has a customer display with 10 characters that can also be extracted and rotated. Pre-defined text keys make it even easier to enter text. You can serve your guests during "happy hour", for example, without needing to make time-consuming calculations thanks to the optional "quick-flip keyboard".
High-speed thermal printer with "drop-in"

The TE-4000F really comes into its own in the world of catering, where straightforward payment options and fast printing of receipts are called for. Its powerful and almost silent thermal printer with 58 mm till roll is impressive thanks to its high printing speed and quality. It can print up to 20 lines per second. You can use the high-speed thermal printer of the TE-4000F to print watermarks and graphic logos. Users can also benefit from the "drop in" paper loading system, which makes changing the till roll easy, and the automatic cash register slip cutting
Data management with CF card interface

The TE-4000F can save up to 25,000 scanning items (EAN-8/13, UPC-A/E), 9999 items, 99 goods categories, 99 goods sub-categories and 99 major groups effortlessly, and you also have the option of expanding it with centralised table and printer management. It is powered by the internal power pack, and it has an integrated back-up battery for additional data storage. The built-in CF card interface makes it extremely convenient for you to store and retrieve data.
Expanding the system with serial interfaces

The TE-4000F electronic cash register offers a wide range of options for expansion. You are provided with three serial RS-232 interfaces for connecting external modules. This makes it very easy to integrate bar code scanners, external printers, invoice printers (slip) and a modem/PC into the system. The optional Arcnet connection also allows you to create a network of cash registers.

ماكينة ذات تصميم بسيط وانيق وامكانيات عالية

1- تحتوى على 108 صنف x 6 لوحات .
2- ماكينة كاشير حرارى تحتوى على 2 بون 5,7 .
3- امكانية عمل منافذ بيع متعددة مثال
(مشروبات – مشويات – شعبى – مطبخ) .
4- تحتوى على قاطع اتوماتيكى لقطع البون لتسهيل وسرعة عملية البيع.
5- سرعتها 16 سطر فى الثانية .
6- امكانية التوصيل باسكانر قارئ بار كود .
7- امكانية التوصيل ب 2برنتر خارجى للمطبخ ذات سرعة فائقة .
8- امكانية عمل حضور وانصراف لـ99 موظف .
9- تخزين الاصناف حتى 5000 صنف .
10- فتح ترابيزات وتعليق شيكات حتى 99 ترابيزة .
11- عمل جميع التقارير المرادة من جرد يومى وجرد شهرى وجرد نصف سنوى وسنوى واصناف وجرد مجموعات وجرد عدد ساعات العمل وجرد للشيكات المفتوحة فى اى وقت.
12- شاشة LCD واضحة 3 سطور تحتوى على السعر والصنف والاجمالى وتحتوى على 3 الوان متعددة .
13- شاشة خارجية للزبون واضحة .
14- مزودة بدرج قوى يتحمل الصدمات للنقود .
15- امكانية عمل لوجو للمحل بشكل جيد .
16- متابعة المخزون اولا باول .
17- عمل مجموعات فى الجرد اليومى لمعرفة مبيعات كل قسم على حدة .

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